grounds POP UP EVENT


grounds POP UP EVENT

January 10 2020

New sneakers from grounds, which were very popular last summer are now in stores at destination Tokyo.

WHITEGRAY x CLEAR ¥25,000+tax
NUDE x CLEAR ¥25,000+tax

NEON ORANGE x MATTE ¥25,000+tax
NEON GREEN x MATTE ¥25,000+tax

destination Tokyo

If you have any inquiries, please contact us by email.

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CAROLINA BUCCI Custom Order Event

December 27 2019

Carolina Bucci’s jewelry kit “FORTE BEADS” inspired by Forte dei Marmi – a memorable beach in Tuscany where the designer Carolina Bucci exchanged miçangas with friends during her childhood, are now available in new colors. Just like the rainbow that can be seen in the light of the sun, the “Moon-Bow” colors take inspiration from an imaginary rainbow that can be seen in the moonlight. Two new bracelet colors exclusive to H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX will appear for the first time outside of London. During the event, the brand will present its new “Florentine” ring and earrings, as well as its classic collection.

Designer Profile
Carolina Bucci is the 4th generation of the Bucci family, carefully connecting the techniques and tools of the jewelers since 1885 in Florence to create fine jewelry with a mode essence. In 2017, she became a symbol of the modern jewelry world, collaborating with the luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet. The fine jewelry she creates has gained support from women around the world as a daily luxury, from its playful design inspired by her memories and everyday scenes.

Event Dates and Venues
Friday, January 3 – Monday, January 13 H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi
Thursday, January 9 – Tuesday, January 14 H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Umeda/Osaka 2
Thursday, January 16 – Tuesday, January 21 H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Shinjuku
Friday, January 17 – Tuesday, January 21 H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Fukuoka
Friday, January 24 – Tuesday January 28 H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Ginza
Saturday, February 1 – Thursday, February 9 H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Isetan Shinjuku

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Juana de Arco’s “Mi negra” 5th Anniversary

December 26 2019

Five years have passed since Juana de Arco‘s Black & Ivory Line “Mi negra” was released on December 27, 2014. To celebrate it’s 5th anniversary, a limited amount (100 pieces) of Black Aladdin pants will be available in stores. Mi negra stands out from the rest of collections for its minimal use of colors which emphasizes the cute details and silhouettes of each item. Starting with black lingerie, it has now expanded to clothing and has been loved by many customers since its launch with its luxurious and adult-like atmosphere.

Participating Stores
Juana de Arco Omotesando
Juana de Arco Kyoto

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Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020 Spring Summer New Arrival

December 21 2019

Mihara Yasuhiro started as a shoe brand in 1997. The brand is not merely about shoes, but with carefully designed works, it presents ideas that are not confined to existing frameworks.The design continues to attract attention from Japan and around the world, with the theme of playful clothing.

Designer Profile
Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1972. In 1993, entered and studied Textile at the Design Department of Tama Art University. In 1994, he starts making shoes. In 1996, launches “archi doom” with the back-up from a shoe manufacturer. After graduating from university in 1997, he re-names himself as “MIHARAYASUHIRO” which was the start of his brand.

Available store
WUT store in destination Tokyo

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Nathalie Lété × “Bunkogawa”

December 16 2019

Nathalie Lété is a French artist loved by fans around the world for her humor and creative use of colors. Under the direction of H.P.FRANCE, the collaboration of her art with “Bunkogawa” – traditional Japanese handcrafted leather, has come true. The two purses with geometric representations of flowers and butterflies, and the third purse with squirrels and mushroom motifs are all truly faithful to Natalie’s hand drawings, and will be available from Friday, December 27 at the participating stores.

Prices (without tax):
(From left) Gama satsu purse 22,000 yen, Gama guchi purse 11,000 yen, Gama long purse 30,000 yen

Start date: Friday, December 27, 2019

Participating stores:
Le Monde de Nathalie
Usagi pour toi Osaka / Fukuoka
H.P.DECO Marunouchi
H.P.DECO Art Kan No Aru Kurashi
H.P.DECO Koukishin No Kobeya Futakotamagawa / Yokohama / No.1
Sui Kin Chi Ka Moku Do Ten Mei Kai

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D-due In Blue Spring Summer 2020 START

The new D-due 2020 Spring Summer collection “D-due In Blue” has arrived. The series is based on a deep Atlantic-blue fabric like the ocean waves that undulates against the Galician shores, and is made easy to coordinate with any season’s collection with its ageless design.

Participating stores:
Exclusive By H.P.FRANCE Umeda
H.P.FRANCE Boutique Fukuoka
Usagi pour toi H.P.FRANCE Osaka
H.P.DECO Koukishin No Kobeya Futakotamagawa / Yokohama
destination Tokyo
H.P.FRANCE Boutique Hiroshima

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December Bridal Fair ”CHRISTMAS MARRIAGE”

December 4 2019

A bridal fair “CHRISTMAS MARRIAGE” will be held at all stores of H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX from Sunday, December 1 to Tuesday 24. At the fair, we will introduce a ring collection from the British jewelry brand Sweet Pea, depicting the blissful love story of two people.

Wedding rings that the creators have handled with care each holds a universal beauty, and a ring that captures the “moment of happiness” will be a lifetime treasure.

Sunday, December 1, 2019 – Tuesday, December 24, 2019

H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX all stores

Special benefits:
Agate slices that can be used as a ring plate will be given to those who have signed the agreement for the bridal ring during the period. The popular calligrapher Mika Nagishima from “Gland Calligraphy & Design” will engrave your desired text on the slices.
* Please note that the numbers are limited to the first 10 people.

Please make an appointment by calling the nearest H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX store in advance for smooth procedures.

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SERGE THORAVAL Archive Exhibition

December 3 2019

From Friday, November 29 to Tuesday, January 7, Serge Thoraval‘s archive collection exhibition will be held at H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi. We will introduce rare and unique collection pieces centering Serge’s early works such as metal bracelets specially made for fashion magazines and shows, engraved with a personal message. These works have a rough and powerful strength from the early days of Serge Thoraval’s creative activities yet we can sense his delicate personality. Please stop by to see the beautiful in-store display and the window gallery.

Friday, November 29, 2019 – Tuesday, January 7, 2020


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DANIELA DE MARCHI Designer event

November 29 2019

Daniela de Marchi’s Dropage jewelry with its unique metal texture is reminiscent of a beautiful morning dew. The unprecedented combination of the enameled metal and large stones create unique personality and captures the heart of many.

On the 30th of November, the designer Daniela de Marchi will come to Japan from Milan, Italy to hold an order event at H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi store. The event will be a special occasion to customize your favorite jewelry by freely combining your choice of natural stones and metal colors. We will also introduce a high jewelry line that uses diamonds. Please come to be inspired by the designer and to create your own jewelry.

Date&Time: Saturday, November 30, 3pm-5pm
Location: H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi
*Orders are accepted only during the event time.

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November 26 2019

From Wednesday, 27th November, a pop-up store by “rooms” will be held at Daimaru Tokyo. The concept is “LOVE & GIFT 2019” presented by H.P.FRANCE. By focusing on “objects” where the creator ’s message and feelings of empathy dwell, we will bring new encounters to everyone.

CORAL & TUSK / IOSSELLIANI / Jack Gomme / JACQUES LE CORRE / La Soufflerie / Nathelie Lete & ANTIPAST / SERGE THORAVAL / Suikin no bunkogawa etc.

Date&Time: Wednesday, November 27 – Tuesday, December 10 10am-8pm (open until 9pm on weekends and holidays)

Location: Daimaru Tokyo 1st floor event space

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