MEDECINE DOUCE -Travellers of the World-


MEDECINE DOUCE -Travellers of the World-

February 28 2020

MEDECINE DOUCE -Travellers of the World-
Spring Summer 2020

MEDECINE DOUCE creates minimal modern accessories using various parts made by Paris artisans.
The designer who comes from a family of doctors, creates jewelry while inheriting the belief of prescribing MEDECINE (medicine) to heal people.

The theme of the spring/summer 2020 collection is “Travelers of the World—True travelers do not set a destination.”
Reminding us of Chinese proverbs, the collection filled with the spirit of vintages, explores the tracks of previous travelers.

A journey that shows us various worlds. Each piece of accessory represents an era or place.
Gifted by the Navajo tribe on the grounds of Utah is a necklace made of shaman-style gold chains and colorful wood beads.
Pearl nacre and gold chain accessories inspired by the ocean are graphically designed with the essences of a voyage.
Packed in a sailing boat are a full-volume necklace developed from sailor’s ropework, as well as a delicate bracelet with hoop earrings.
The adventure ends at a lake in Udaipur, India. Bone beads accessories decorated with gold lace work are fun with an 80’s spirit.
At the end of the voyage, mother-of-pearl stars gently pour down the neck, ears and wrists from the night sky.

The Paris-based designer MARIE MONTAUD studied at FUDJI STUDIO, a jewelry school in Florence, and worked as a stylist after graduating. In 1998, she launched the brand MEDECINE DOUCE and her products, which are available through Barneys New York, Saks and Liberty, continue to expand as a range of collections. In 2007, the brand opened a flagship store in Bastille, Paris, an area that attracts many artists.

Participating stores
goldie H.P.FRANCE stores

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WOUTERS & HENDRIX is coming to Japan! A commentary tour by the designers.

February 16 2020

The Belgian jewelry duo WOUTERS & HENDRIX will come to Japan for the first time in 12 years, for the creative festival “rooms 40” to be held from Thursday, February 20 to Saturday, February 22.

At the venue, a special exhibition “ROOM OF WONDER” by Katrin and Karen will be on display in two rooms. In the dark ‘WOW ROOM’—designed to wow you when you enter— where the works secretly interact in 18 showcases, and in the ‘ANTICHAMBRE’ meaning the waiting room, the designers’ favorite antiques found at flea markets as well as past works create a visually entertaining space that represents WOUTERS & HENDRIX.

In addition, the two designers will explain their exhibition on a special tour. We hope you take this opportunity to participate in this special occasion.

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TOKYO HONEY PROJECT × H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Limited Collaboration Chocolates

Original chocolates created by H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX in collaboration with the product development project “TOKYO HONEY PROJECT” team of female hoteliers of The Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Tokyo Prince Hotel. Available for a limited time until Sunday, March 15 at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo.

The name of the jewelry-inspired chocolate that is perfect for Valentine’s Day and White Day is “Miel Bijoux Chocolat”. The image source was taken from the UK brand SWEET PEA, which represents H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX. The motif is the shape and color of jewelry that rhythmically combines delicate and sculpturally cut precious and semi-precious stones.


Date: Until Match 15, 2020
Venue: THE SHOP at the Park
4-8-1 Shibakoen Minato,Tokyo 105-8563 Japan

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goldie H.P.FRANCE Printemps Été 2020 Collection – “La Brise de la Provence” STARTS February 7, 2020

February 2 2020

From Friday, February 7, all goldie H.P.FRANCE stores will launch their new Spring Summer 2020 collection “La Brise de la Provence (The Breeze of Provence)”. Please come see the new selection at your nearest goldie H.P.FRANCE store.

Bags and Accessories:



■Participating Stores:
goldie H.P.FRANCE Sapporo
goldie H.P.FRANCE Futakotamagawa
goldie H.P.FRANCE Shinjuku
goldie H.P.FRANCE Yurakucho
goldie H.P.FRANCE Yokohama
goldie H.P.FRANCE Nagoya
goldie H.P.FRANCE Umeda
goldie H.P.FRANCE Hakata

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Ichitaro Suzuki solo exhibition “dot” at H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI

January 31 2020

Ichitaro Suzuki’s solo exhibition “dot” will be held at H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI until February 29.
In pursuit of reality in the age of an information-oriented society, Suzuki arrived to his sculpture expression using pixels, which is the minimum of digital, and created a three-dimensional work by combining pieces of acrylic-colored wood like a puzzle.

At first glance, the works with a high degree of abstraction look like low-resolution works on the monitor, which shows how Suzuki skillfully transforms the perceptual gap between the real and virtual worlds into his sculptures. In recent years, he has been expanding his activities by incorporating various technologies, such as developing works in motion using LEDs.

For more information, please contact H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi
Tel: 03-3240-5791

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H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Spring Summer 2020 Collection – “This Jewellery Reminds Me of You”

January 27 2020

From Wednesday, February 5, 2020, the new 2020 Spring Summer collection with the concept “This Jewellery Reminds Me of You” will be available at our nationwide H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX stores.

From the London jewelry brand Sweat Pea, a marine collection inspired by a seaside resort for former French actresses “Pushing the boat out”, a collection of amethyst “Couture Florals” with a sense of haute couture inspired by the Dior exhibition, and the precious collection “Deco Decadence” featuring Art Deco graphics, and frindges that are reminiscent of the decadent mood of London in the 60s-70s will be available.

LIA DI GREGORIO from Milan offers jewelry that incorporates minimal and constructive elements into their design. A ring set with a faceted garnet, and artistic jewelry such as “Ogiva”, a geometric collection inspired by architecture and geometry will be available.

A poetic jewelry brand BROOKE GREGSON born from the harmony of color and constructive elements. In the “Gem Woven” bracelet, all natural stones exquisitely matches the color of the silk cord used.
*BROOKE GREGSON will be available only at Marunouchi and Osaka stores.

Participating Stores:
H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi / Omotesando / Ginza / Shinjuku Takashimaya / Osaka / Umeda / Fukuoka

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D-due designer Charo WELCOME PARTY

January 25 2020

One of the two designers from the Latin brand D-due – Rosario Florhan (aka Charo), will be visiting Japan. We will celebrate this day with a welcome party for Charo, and will sell limited D-due H.P.FRANCE items from the new Spring Summer 2020 collection. Please do not miss this chance to directly hear the story […]

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rooms 40 Exhibition Invitation Campaign!!

January 24 2020

We have started an invitation campaign for the upcoming joint exhibition rooms 40, as a special thanks to all customers who shop online and at our affiliated stores. Please visit our nationwide stores and online shop for more information.
*This campaign will end as soon as the invitation tickets run out.

From Thursday, February 20 to Saturday, February 22, the 40th joint exhibition “rooms” hosted by H.P.FRANCE will be held at the National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium for the first time in three years after completing its renovation for the Tokyo Olympics.
At the venue, an estimated 500 brands from Japan and abroad will gather and will be categorized into 6 genres – Technology, Idea, Soul & Body, Ethical, Design, and Culture. Using creation as a keyword, rooms will provide content through fashion, jewelry, lifestyle, art, ethical, dance and musical performances, meditation, seminars by specialists in various industries, cafe booths, etc. In each area, you may communicate directly with creators and make purchases on the spot.

H.P.FRANCE believes that the creations by creators and the proposal of new ways of living will bring forth the creativity lurking in the hearts of many, giving birth to new cultures, and enriching our lives. Through a common language called “creation”, the 3 days at rooms will be a place where people could feel connected regardless of race, gender, age, etc. Please come visit us at rooms 40.

– rooms40 Overview –
Date: February 20 (Thu)-February 22 (Sat), 2020
Time: 10:00-18:00
* Thursday, February 20 is only open for business purposes. February 21 (Fri) and 22 (Sat) are open for anyone to enter.
Venue: National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium
Registration fee: ¥2,000 (pre-registration ¥1,500)
Host: H.P.France Co., Ltd. / rooms
Operated by: Ohararyukaikan 8F, 5-7-17 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan

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January 10 2020

TATA CHRISTIANE’s one-of-a-kind and handmade collection (approximately 80 pieces) created for WUT are now available in stores. Using original and vintage fabric made of materials collected throughout Europe, this collection is unique to TATA CHRISTIANE, who learned to self-make clothes. Please come and experience this wonderful creation, also available on WUT online.

Available stores:
WUT store in destination Tokyo
WUT online

If you have any inquiries, please contact us by email.

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grounds POP UP EVENT

New sneakers from grounds, which were very popular last summer are now in stores at destination Tokyo.

WHITEGRAY x CLEAR ¥25,000+tax
NUDE x CLEAR ¥25,000+tax

NEON ORANGE x MATTE ¥25,000+tax
NEON GREEN x MATTE ¥25,000+tax

destination Tokyo

If you have any inquiries, please contact us by email.

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