JAMIN PUECH: Feel The Summer Breeze


JAMIN PUECH: Feel The Summer Breeze

June 22 2020

– Nature-inspired Summer Bag Collection –

Summer scenery where the sunlight shines into the blue sky.
Add your favorite bag to a breezy outfit and enjoy the summer.

A nostalgic and charming gingham check pattern is a summer classic.
Sweet frills that appeal to and flatter women.

Gingham check mini bag reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot.
Features a ribbon wrapped around the resin handle.
Shoulder straps for a casual look and a round handle perfect for a summer dress.

Raffia is perfect for a summer cylinder bag.
The beautifully textured buffalo horn plate is light and goes well with the yukata.

A silhouette of a large brim straw hat turned upside down.
Raffia knitted fruit and vegetable motifs add excitement to your outings.

Shoulder pochette with embroidered Provencal patterns.
Adjustable chain belt shoulder straps for active women.

Participating stores:

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June 21 2020

Masculine and feminine, hard and soft. PREEN was established with the love for what couples share.

The theme of the Spring Summer 2020 Collection is “Japonism”.

Hand-painted flower patterns are block printed on classic wrap dresses that resemble kimonos. Delicate tones and bold sleeve silhouettes in soft watercolors. Designs inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics and crafts.

Participating stores:
Theatre H.P.FRANCE

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June 17 2020

“What if we made clothes like children play”
It all started from such an idea.

Twisted pants, oppositely attached shoulder pads, inside out fabric
Details that appear to be made by free-spirited children or with sewing mistakes

Mainly using plant dye and cupro fabric, naturally produced and returned to soil
The breath of living things can be felt through the collection

The 2020SS collection is full of creations born from ideas based on the aesthetic eye that is creatural and innocent.

Participating stores:

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June 16 2020

French lifestyle brand ASTIER de VILLATTE has released a number of beautiful collections, all which feature their signature pieces covered with pure white glaze. While inheriting 18th century Parisian handmade ceramics in Paris’s only pottery workshop, it revives a technique called estampage with a contemporary taste, and fuses tradition and modernism. Inspired by old tableware and objects that have been forgotten, the works that cherish the ‘traces’ left by craftsmen have a dignified presence that can only be produced by careful handwork because the soil color is soft and transparent.

ASTIER de VILLATTE’s small dish is a compact piece of art that fits in the palm of your hand. It can be used in multiple ways; as a small plate, sauce plate, dessert plate, and even as an accessory tray. Enjoy finding one of your favorite designs from a variety of choices.

Participating stores:
H.P.DECO Omotesando
H.P.DECO Marunouchi
destination Tokyo

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Theatre H.P.FRANCE: AVIU spring summer 2020

June 15 2020

Mysterious and stylish. AVIU proposes the complete look for modern women through disruptive innovation.

The 2020 Spring Summer Collection is the result of craftsmanship that is filled with playfulness. Processing different materials proposed by pure aesthetics. The lines are broken and tied together for a contemporary look. With the designer’s taste combined with avant-garde dyeing techniques, the collection proposes new colors.

Piergiorgio Piangerelli

Piergiorgio Piangerelli was born in Italy in 1960 and acquired knitwear manufacturing skills from his family’s knitwear manufacturing company. While working with top Italian designers, he learned the spirit of manufacturing and launched his women’s brand AVIU in 2003. His knitwear is the result of a great deal of research combined with elegant, feminine style, and is recognized around the world today.

Participating stores:
Theatre H.P.FRANCE

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ASAP – OSKLEN’s Sustainability Efforts

June 14 2020

“Considering the impact that consumption will have on our social environment.”

Under the motto ASAP (as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible), OSKLEN has been leading the way in sustainability practices for more than 20 years. Here, we will introduce the brand’s efforts to pursue sustainability in the areas of design and production, focusing on e-fabric.

<OSKLEN’s three strategies to delve into the past and dream of future possibilities>

regenerate life
The quest for sustainable practices that respect all living things on earth and our legacy for generations to come.

Focusing on the restoration and conservation of biodiversity, this slogan highlights the efficient use of limited resources such as water, energy and soil, as well as reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides to stimulate regeneration and culture systems. By doing so, we aim to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions, increase forests, and mitigate the effects of global warming.

re-design waste
The value of waste and the era of redesigning it

A slogan that promotes the reuse of waste, gives what is considered garbage a new meaning, and promotes a circular economy. Everything is reused in the natural world. This category enhances the life cycle of resources and products by creating value in the waste generated along the production line, and grouping the products to reduce or eliminate waste altogether. Ultimately, we will be able to call garbage ‘a design error’.

respect our people
Value knowledge and traditions, and empower communities.

A slogan that picks up the voices of very vulnerable communities to reassess their traditions, and spread the value of their traditions and knowledge, the Brazilian socio-cultural heritage. It also includes initiatives that ensure the rights and quality of life of producers and their people, meet the standards of transparency, and promotes social inclusion and dignifies working conditions. It is also a slogan that promotes gender equality.

A new luxury brand proposed by Oscar Mezzavato, a creative director from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the brand proposes a contemporary Brazilian lifestyle by combining fashion, art, culture, design and nature.

Participating stores:
destination Tokyo (*limited time only)
Exclusive by H.P.FRANCE Umeda (*limited time only)

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CHAIN 2020 Spring Summer Collection

June 13 2020

CHAIN―a brand based in Buenos Aires, Argentina―is committed to sustainability. The brand’s designer is Lucía Chain who leads Argentine’s current fashion scene. New items from the Spring Summer 2020 Collection will be available for the first time on H.P.FRANCE’s online shop. The core of the brand lies in the establishment of national identity. The concept that the earth is our home and a shelter that protects us, can be felt throughout the lineup.

CHAIN’s atelier is located on the rooftop of her parents’ house in Bernal, slightly away from the luxurious areas of Recoleta and Palermo in Buenos Aires. As part of an initiative led by the country, unemployed people living in the neighborhood gather for vocational training which begins from straight stitching. The seamstresses who have mastered the techniques work with the designer to sew, dye, and do finish work all by hand. The materials used are hand-woven in Argentina, some of them using dead stock fabrics made more than 40 years ago. Vegetable dyes such as beetroot and maté tea is used, giving her work a unique and gentle feeling. It is evident that the young designer represents the second generation that leads the Argentine fashion scene following in the steps of Juana de Arco and Tramando.

Participating stores:
Exclusive By H.P.FRANCE

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June 12 2020

Like a finely-honed ethnic costume of the universe
Like the light that echoes in a beautiful space
As daily clothes that shine in your light

(Descriptions from the COSMIC WONDER catalog)


-Beautiful organic cotton wrapped dress-
Basic wrap design by COSMIC WONDER
A garment that is twisted and wrapped to tie like an ethnic costume

-Beautiful organic cotton wrapped pants-
Basic wrap pants
Beautifully textured color achieved by piece-dyeing

-Beautiful light linen-
A beautiful glossy and mellow look
Broadcloth linen using fine thread count yarn
A variety of appearances by overlapping the same color

-Beautiful organic cotton T-shirt-
Organic cotton t-shirts that are soft and comfortable
Beautifully textured color achieved by piece-dyeing


Participating stores:
Lamp harajuku

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JACQUES LE CORRE meets guernika “REBORN”

June 11 2020

An infinite canvas
where colors are skillfully used
to create bold and delicate drawings
free minded guernika realizes a unique style
embodying the spirit of Paris
this is the JACQUES LE CORRE bag

REBORN is infused with guernika’s vibrant energy and its heartbeat can be felt.

“This was my first attempt to paint on the masterpieces of such a historic brand. It is my hope that the beauty of JAQUES LE CORRE bags are rediscovered through the renewed painted pieces under the title “REBORN”. I think this recent pandemic has made us rethink how we chose to spend and live. It triggers change in various things that may need to be ‘reborn’.” — guernika designer Shinichiro Inui



guernika is a design project team founded by artist Shinichiro Inui. Using various methods of expression, the design team creates worlds of unique style that has gained the attention of various artists across borders. guernika has also expanded to different fields beyond fashion, taking on projects such as the mural designs in the German Embassy.

JACQUES LE CORRE is a renowned French hat brand. The brand launched its first hat collection in 1985 and a full collection including bags in 1998. Dedicated to French manufacturing, the brand features a combination of timeless, elegant materials with colors. Every season, the brand releases a collection that is fresh and surprising.

Participating stores:
destination Tokyo

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STARSTYLING Spring Summer 2020 / WUT

June 10 2020

Starstyling, a leading brand based in Berlin, was founded in 2003.
The brand name comes from letters found on a pizza box.

Katja Schlegel, who was a stylist at the time, created designs that were well received by friends and decided to launch the brand with her partner Kai Seifried.

Breaking away from standard concepts, the brand takes on the liberty of combining different materials to create a playful collection that is colorful and exciting.

Starstyling is supported not only within the fashion world but also by musicians, artists and people around the world.

Participating Stores:
Wut Store
Wut Onlineshop

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