Vladimir Karaleev is a Bulgarian-born designer who started his brand in 2006, after attending the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Berlin.

Strongly influenced by contemporary art and geometric structures, he uses new shapes and experimental cuts to create conceptual designs that oppose traditional shapes used in clothing, giving new silhouettes to apparel.

About the 2020 Spring Summer Collection:

This collection uses a variety of textiles in three categories: stripes, check patterns and flower prints. Mixing these different materials is a characteristic of Vladimir Karaleev.
The mix of his chosen textiles this time around, is like a botanical garden that evokes the image of various plants, flowers and latticed glass.

There is an additional storyline in the men’s collection, which features an original denim print fabric. The pattern was made from a vintage book of an architectural exhibition that took place in Eastern Europe in 1983. It was a book of architectural advancements in the 80’s that particularly interested the designer. The Russian text is accompanied by English translations.

Date: From Wednesday, March 11
Venue: WUT store / destination Tokyo