Mysterious and stylish. AVIU proposes the complete look for modern women through disruptive innovation.

The 2020 Spring Summer Collection is the result of craftsmanship that is filled with playfulness. Processing different materials proposed by pure aesthetics. The lines are broken and tied together for a contemporary look. With the designer’s taste combined with avant-garde dyeing techniques, the collection proposes new colors.

Piergiorgio Piangerelli

Piergiorgio Piangerelli was born in Italy in 1960 and acquired knitwear manufacturing skills from his family’s knitwear manufacturing company. While working with top Italian designers, he learned the spirit of manufacturing and launched his women’s brand AVIU in 2003. His knitwear is the result of a great deal of research combined with elegant, feminine style, and is recognized around the world today.

Participating stores:
Theatre H.P.FRANCE