Nathalie Lété is a French artist loved by fans around the world for her humor and creative use of colors. Under the direction of H.P.FRANCE, the collaboration of her art with “Bunkogawa” – traditional Japanese handcrafted leather, has come true. The two purses with geometric representations of flowers and butterflies, and the third purse with squirrels and mushroom motifs are all truly faithful to Natalie’s hand drawings, and will be available from Friday, December 27 at the participating stores.

Prices (without tax):
(From left) Gama satsu purse 22,000 yen, Gama guchi purse 11,000 yen, Gama long purse 30,000 yen

Start date: Friday, December 27, 2019

Participating stores:
Le Monde de Nathalie
Usagi pour toi Osaka / Fukuoka
H.P.DECO Marunouchi
H.P.DECO Art Kan No Aru Kurashi
H.P.DECO Koukishin No Kobeya Futakotamagawa / Yokohama / No.1
Sui Kin Chi Ka Moku Do Ten Mei Kai