megane and me’s Lamp harajuku limited edition sunglasses will be available from Thursday, May 7.

From megane and me—the brand that delivers eyeglasses and sunglasses with playful designs—comes a Lamp harajuku limited edition of the heart-shaped frame “CARRIE” in customizable lenses available in three colors. “CARRIE” is a model that carries the hope of the designer to convey the joy and excitement of art, design, fashion and culture, as well as the richness in our hearts that they provide. We hope you enjoy the charming yet chic designs.

megane and me is a designer eyewear brand by Sayaka Tsukagoshi. A unique aspect of the brand is its ability to mix casual yet elegant, or modern yet traditional elements in the designs. For those who need glasses and for those who do not; megane and me eyewear are glasses of the new generation.

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