MEDECINE DOUCE -Travellers of the World-
Spring Summer 2020

MEDECINE DOUCE creates minimal modern accessories using various parts made by Paris artisans.
The designer who comes from a family of doctors, creates jewelry while inheriting the belief of prescribing MEDECINE (medicine) to heal people.

The theme of the spring/summer 2020 collection is “Travelers of the World—True travelers do not set a destination.”
Reminding us of Chinese proverbs, the collection filled with the spirit of vintages, explores the tracks of previous travelers.

A journey that shows us various worlds. Each piece of accessory represents an era or place.
Gifted by the Navajo tribe on the grounds of Utah is a necklace made of shaman-style gold chains and colorful wood beads.
Pearl nacre and gold chain accessories inspired by the ocean are graphically designed with the essences of a voyage.
Packed in a sailing boat are a full-volume necklace developed from sailor’s ropework, as well as a delicate bracelet with hoop earrings.
The adventure ends at a lake in Udaipur, India. Bone beads accessories decorated with gold lace work are fun with an 80’s spirit.
At the end of the voyage, mother-of-pearl stars gently pour down the neck, ears and wrists from the night sky.

The Paris-based designer MARIE MONTAUD studied at FUDJI STUDIO, a jewelry school in Florence, and worked as a stylist after graduating. In 1998, she launched the brand MEDECINE DOUCE and her products, which are available through Barneys New York, Saks and Liberty, continue to expand as a range of collections. In 2007, the brand opened a flagship store in Bastille, Paris, an area that attracts many artists.

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