The Spring Summer 2020 Collection introduces the spirit of Hawaii.

Mariana set out on a trip to Maui in search of this essence. ‘Alo’ means existence and ‘ha’ means breathing. Aloha also means ‘Hello’, ‘Good bye’ and much more. Aloha is the spirit of the island, representing the people who live on Hawaii and the lives that are unique to it. We hoped to express this spirit distinctive to Hawaii through our collection for everyone to enjoy. Feel the warm Hawaiian breeze on your skin and spend a cool and comfortable spring summer season.

Participating Stores:
Juana de Arco Omotesando
Juana de Arco Kyoto
Laichi Shinjuku
Laichi Yokohama
WALL Osaka

Traveling Schedule:
Usagi pour toi Osaka / April 1-12
Fukuoka Area / April 17-26
Usagi pour toi Fukuoka
WALL Fukuoka