An infinite canvas
where colors are skillfully used
to create bold and delicate drawings
free minded guernika realizes a unique style
embodying the spirit of Paris
this is the JACQUES LE CORRE bag

REBORN is infused with guernika’s vibrant energy and its heartbeat can be felt.

“This was my first attempt to paint on the masterpieces of such a historic brand. It is my hope that the beauty of JAQUES LE CORRE bags are rediscovered through the renewed painted pieces under the title “REBORN”. I think this recent pandemic has made us rethink how we chose to spend and live. It triggers change in various things that may need to be ‘reborn’.” — guernika designer Shinichiro Inui



guernika is a design project team founded by artist Shinichiro Inui. Using various methods of expression, the design team creates worlds of unique style that has gained the attention of various artists across borders. guernika has also expanded to different fields beyond fashion, taking on projects such as the mural designs in the German Embassy.

JACQUES LE CORRE is a renowned French hat brand. The brand launched its first hat collection in 1985 and a full collection including bags in 1998. Dedicated to French manufacturing, the brand features a combination of timeless, elegant materials with colors. Every season, the brand releases a collection that is fresh and surprising.

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