Venue: hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO
Dates: Friday, June 28 – Saturday, August 3, 2019

A solo exhibition by Ricardo Gonzalez, an artist whose signature phrase is “It’s a living” will be held. “It’s a living” not only describes Ricardo Gonzalez, but also his philosophy. Ricardo’s beautiful and simple writings are presented in a variety of forms, including giant wall murals, global brand logos and advertisements, and stickers that can often be found on the street.

As in the title of this exhibition “Writing is Painting”, Ricardo draws words to create an image. These words, drawn from a perspective unique to Ricardo who is from Mexico and currently resides in Brooklyn, stem from an objective observation of our relationship with society. There are various interpretations depending on how his work is perceived, but everyone will find their own understanding and feelings, whether they are questions or connections, between theirselves and the work. During the exhibition period, his work will also be on display at the Hotel Art Fair “Art Osaka”.

We hope you find inspiration in the new works of Ricardo Gonzalez, an artist who lives by the phrase “It’s a living”.

*This exhibition is scheduled to sell silk screen prints, which will only be sold in Japan. Please note, availability is limited and items may sell out.

Ricardo Gonzalez Exhibition “ART OSAKA 2019”
Venue: HOTEL GRANVIA OSAKA 26F room #6304
Dates: Saturday, July 6 – Sunday, July 7, 2019