From Wednesday, February 5, 2020, the new 2020 Spring Summer collection with the concept “This Jewellery Reminds Me of You” will be available at our nationwide H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX stores.

From the London jewelry brand Sweat Pea, a marine collection inspired by a seaside resort for former French actresses “Pushing the boat out”, a collection of amethyst “Couture Florals” with a sense of haute couture inspired by the Dior exhibition, and the precious collection “Deco Decadence” featuring Art Deco graphics, and frindges that are reminiscent of the decadent mood of London in the 60s-70s will be available.

LIA DI GREGORIO from Milan offers jewelry that incorporates minimal and constructive elements into their design. A ring set with a faceted garnet, and artistic jewelry such as “Ogiva”, a geometric collection inspired by architecture and geometry will be available.

A poetic jewelry brand BROOKE GREGSON born from the harmony of color and constructive elements. In the “Gem Woven” bracelet, all natural stones exquisitely matches the color of the silk cord used.
*BROOKE GREGSON will be available only at Marunouchi and Osaka stores.

Participating Stores:
H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi / Omotesando / Ginza / Shinjuku Takashimaya / Osaka / Umeda / Fukuoka