WOUTERS & HENDRIX limited edition
Specially designed for the release of the movie “Girl”

“Girl” is a movie about a transgender girl who aspires to become a ballerina. Her passion for ballet, the earnest struggles she encounters as she faces adolescence and the miraculous strength of this innocent girl and her family are captured in an original way. WOUTERS & HENDRIX’s limited edition was inspired from this work.

Her mentality and circumstances, as well as entwined situations (Noué in French) is expressed with a motif of a swaying chain and buttons. Buttons are also one of the signature motifs of WOUTERS & HENDRIX. The last essence added is an “X”. It represents “genderless”, “surprise”, “an unspecified something” and “kiss (bise)”.

Friday, June 28 H.P.FRANCE online pre-orders begin
Friday, July 5 Available at participating H.P.FRANCE stores

Customers who pre-order will receive a pair of movie tickets with their purchase.
*Please note, the number of tickets are limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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