Trending Shoe Brand GIDDY UP Debuts

GIDDY UP launched through in 2017. The name derived from the term used to make a horse start moving or go faster.
The concept of the brand, which designs shoes using 3D printers, is to create a new form of communication between the earth and people through shoes.

By pursuing lighter weight rather than focusing on gravity, the highly transparent sole gives the body a floating feeling and a pleasant change in the way we feel gravity. Redesigning the sole―a persons contact point with the earth―and making a difference in human values ​​and views of life is the ultimate reason of design.

The brand was announced at the Paris Fashion Week in 2018. Designer and director Mikio Sakabe and designer Yusuke Hotchi make use of new technologies to challenge themselves and create fashionable pieces.

GIDDY UP Launch Party
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 7-9pm
Venue: destination Tokyo

Sold exclusively through stores.

Please contact the store for more product information.
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