ASTIER de VILLATTE’s latest collection, as well as Christmas ornaments selected from around the world will be available through Tokyo’s H.P.DECO and Kobe’s H.P.Boutique stores.

ASTIER de VILLATTE’s new collection was just unveiled at the Paris Show this fall.

The story “MITSOU” by artist Balthus about his days spent with his cat, was drawn by the artist at age 10 and reprinted as well as published in 1921 with the support of poet Rilke. A candle and incense of the scent “ATELIER DE BALTHUS” is reminiscent of Balthus’ atelier that still remains in Gran Châtelet.

Made in collaboration with the artist Serena Carone, are mugs with rings which Carone based on work she created for her daughter. A wide variation of the chain motif white pottery is offered.

In addition, “COLLECTION BANSHAKU” created in collaboration with H.P.FRANCE, will also be unveiled for the first time.

The designers, Benoît Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli will come to Japan for the opening party.

We hope you come visit us for this special occasion.

ASTIER de VILLATTE and H.P.DECO’s Christmas / New Collection Launch Event

Thursday, November 8, 6-8pm

Saturday, November 10, 5-8pm