“Considering the impact that consumption will have on our social environment.”

Under the motto ASAP (as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible), OSKLEN has been leading the way in sustainability practices for more than 20 years. Here, we will introduce the brand’s efforts to pursue sustainability in the areas of design and production, focusing on e-fabric.

<OSKLEN’s three strategies to delve into the past and dream of future possibilities>

regenerate life
The quest for sustainable practices that respect all living things on earth and our legacy for generations to come.

Focusing on the restoration and conservation of biodiversity, this slogan highlights the efficient use of limited resources such as water, energy and soil, as well as reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides to stimulate regeneration and culture systems. By doing so, we aim to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions, increase forests, and mitigate the effects of global warming.

re-design waste
The value of waste and the era of redesigning it

A slogan that promotes the reuse of waste, gives what is considered garbage a new meaning, and promotes a circular economy. Everything is reused in the natural world. This category enhances the life cycle of resources and products by creating value in the waste generated along the production line, and grouping the products to reduce or eliminate waste altogether. Ultimately, we will be able to call garbage ‘a design error’.

respect our people
Value knowledge and traditions, and empower communities.

A slogan that picks up the voices of very vulnerable communities to reassess their traditions, and spread the value of their traditions and knowledge, the Brazilian socio-cultural heritage. It also includes initiatives that ensure the rights and quality of life of producers and their people, meet the standards of transparency, and promotes social inclusion and dignifies working conditions. It is also a slogan that promotes gender equality.

A new luxury brand proposed by Oscar Mezzavato, a creative director from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the brand proposes a contemporary Brazilian lifestyle by combining fashion, art, culture, design and nature.

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