ANNTIAN New Collection First Delivery

ANNTIAN is a brand by designers Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt that launched in 2006. Each season, they create their own little story that is incorporated into their collection. Hand-printed and hand-painted items by the two designers are each special and unique in their own way. They find it particularly important to stay close to the products and use environmentally friendly materials.

2020 Spring Summer Collection First Delivery:


This collection is an expression of an ideal summer, full of wishes, activities, hopes and dreams. Lush gardens, vegetables, fruits, harvests, garden parties, campfires, summer meals, sleeping on loungers and bouquets… Every photo and element aims toward the goal of an ecologically diverse and beautiful planet that will sufficiently allow us all to prosper.

The title of this collection “Humus”, symbolizes the importance of certain things within its structure. Without nourished humus which is needed to properly maintain and preserve, there would be no vegetables, no life and no summer.

Date: From Wednesday, March 11
Venue: WUT store / destination Tokyo