“Specializing in fashion and design, rooms operates a major trade show, in addition to brand consulting and other services.
Beginning in 2000, rooms trade show has been a place where trend-setting designers gather to meet buyers and media to create business opportunities.
Today, rooms has been expanding its business beyond trade shows, offering consultancy in event production, retail, and the revitalization of local industries.
By delivering designs of the next generation to the world, rooms has succeeded in promoting exchanges of ideas and culture, and evolved into a “global rooms”.

The fashion and design trade show has been held bi-annually since 2000. With over 500 participating brands and 20,000 visitors, it is one of the world’s largest trade shows.
One of the main features of the trade show, are the graphics used for ads, event planning and exhibition design, that are created in line with the unique concept each season. At times, the concept of the trade show influences future trends in the industry. Another feature is in the way the venue is set-up. The rooms trade show is made up of different areas, each with a unique concept such as ‘product’ ‘interior’ ‘art’ ‘ethical’ or ‘local industries’, with the ‘fashion’ in the center.
Each area has a designated director who supports the brands in producing their space. The area supporting young designers, has been highly praised and considered as a stepping-stone. In addition to the bi-annual trade shows, rooms also hosts art installations and social parties. The trade show is known to go beyond the boundaries of an ordinary exhibition, and that is what differentiates rooms and what attracts so many people.”