1984 -
Founded in Tokyo

  • Opened women's fashion retail store in Harajuku, Tokyo
  • Established Harajuku Project, LTD. (Currently H.P.FRANCE S.A.)

1989 -
Expanded to Paris

  • Established a France local office (1991)
  • Opened store for buyers, curated by a French buyer in Tokyo
  • Opened fashion accessories stores in Tokyo and expanded wholesale business
  • Expanded directly-operated stores and created a specialty boutique and a fashion accessories trend in Japan
  • Opened “H.P.DECO" a retail business for furniture, household goods and art works in Tokyo (Currently DECO Exterior)

1999 -
Expanded to New York

  • Established a New York office (1999)
  • Launched Argentine and Brazilian brands in Tokyo
  • Launched "roomservice" a Tokyo fashion guidebook
  • Launched “rooms” trade show in Tokyo
  • Started PR/Consulting business in Tokyo
  • Honored “Paris Capitale de la Création; International Buyer Category” from the city of Paris for contributing to fashion culture (2009)

2010 -
Focused on businesses to revitalize Japan

  • Launched design, arts and product trade show "BA TO MA” in Tokyo

2015 -
Paris / Tokyo / New York

  • Opened “HPF Christopher” in New York