WALL: SS20 Collection


WALL: SS20 Collection

May 26 2020

photo: Masaya Tanaka
stylist: Nao Koyabu
hair: Keiko Tada
make-up: Chiharu Wakabayashi
model: Emily Fujita / Marianna Seki
stylist assistant : Mayuko Saito

Participating Stores:
Wall Harajuku, Osaka, Fukuoka

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Wearing Nathalie Lété

May 24 2020

Nathalie Lété’s second home is located in a small village near Fontainebleau, about 80km south of Paris, where a river flows and there is an abundance of greenery. The space where the walls and furniture are painted is like a magnificent work of art. The woman standing there, wears items created by Nathalie in collaboration with brands around the world. Introducing the world of Nathalie Lété, which you can enjoy seeing and wearing.

About Nathalie Lété
French artist Nathalie Lété was born in Paris to a Chinese father and a German mother in 1964. While working on various works such as picture books, ceramics, textiles and lithographs, she collaborates with brands and creators from around the world. Inspired by her childhood memories and everyday life, her work is humorous, happy, and slightly cynical.

Participating Stores:
Usagi pour toi H.P.FRANCE Osaka
EST 1F 3-25 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Usagi pour toi H.P.FRANCE Fukuoka
IMS 1F 1-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Lamp harajuku
4-28-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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WUT Spring Summer 2020 Selection

May 22 2020

The Wut 2020 Spring Summer catalog introduces the brand divided into five concepts of unique perspectives. A variety of 90’s fashion trends are making a comeback in the Spring Summer 2020 collection.

• 90’s ARE BACK
In the 90s, Kurt Cobain wore loose, oversized clothes, and his slouchy silhouette which became his own aesthetic signature, was a symbol of 90’s fashion.

From painterly to psychedelic, there are a variety of patterns in the Spring Summer 2020 collection which feature vast colors.

Andy Warhol-like painterly florals on miniskirts and dresses at TYPICAL FREAKS are feminine and powerful.

Flower motifs are the most popular print of the season, with small and large florals printed and embroidered on hundreds of garments in the ANNTIAN and KA WA KEY Spring Summer 2020 collection.

A handful of designers are taking on deconstructed looks to breathe new life into shirts and jackets.

Humanity cannot ignore the environmental impact of clothes, and we can’t afford to do anything but build a lasting wardrobe of clothing to love and wear for years to come.

So we wonder, why are there fashion shows and why are there trends?

Participating Stores:
Wut Store
Wut Online store

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May 21 2020

Virginia Bizzi uses deep knowledge of materials and sewing to create clothes with a unique sense of balance.
The Spring Summer 2020 collection proposes new silhouettes that combine various materials with asymmetrical designs.
The collection is filled with the designer’s playful spirit.

Virginia Bizzi

Designer Virginia Bizzi from Bologna, Italy is the daughter of Massimo Bizzi and designer of collection PRIVĒE?. The various works she was exposed to from an early age are the basis of her designs today. In February 2014, she presented her first collection at the global fashion exhibition “White”. Since then, she has been gaining popularity and appearing in boutiques in Italy and around the world.

Participating Stores:
goldie H.P.FRANCE stores

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May 14 2020

DANIELA DE MARCHI is committed to original designs made in Italy, creating jewelry that brings out the individuality of the wearer. A luxurious collection of diamonds. Beautiful natural gemstones shine brightly on the brand’s original ‘dropage’ texture. The special designs are the perfect choice to gift to loved ones or treat yourself. Designer DANIELA DE […]

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New Arrival: tamas Accessories that weave history together

May 13 2020

tamas accessories feature unique designs with a graphic feel by carefully embroidering rare vintage materials together. From the wide variety of pieces in the brand’s line-up, we introduce the items that most stimulate our curiosity.

The accessory brand first launched in April 2009 under the concept of “collecting little by little as if picking up the sound that quietly resonates from the ‘shapes’.” Made mainly with rare French vintage sequins and beads, each piece is handmade as if weaving together the history of the materials. The nostalgic materials combined with the graphic designs creates the unique, distinctive world.

Participating Stores:
Usagi pour toi H.P.FRANCE Osaka
EST 1F 3-25 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Usagi pour toi H.P.FRANCE Fukuoka
IMS 1F 1-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Lamp harajuku
4-28-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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megane and me – Lamp harajuku LIMITED COLLECTION –

May 6 2020

megane and me’s Lamp harajuku limited edition sunglasses will be available from Thursday, May 7.

From megane and me—the brand that delivers eyeglasses and sunglasses with playful designs—comes a Lamp harajuku limited edition of the heart-shaped frame “CARRIE” in customizable lenses available in three colors. “CARRIE” is a model that carries the hope of the designer to convey the joy and excitement of art, design, fashion and culture, as well as the richness in our hearts that they provide. We hope you enjoy the charming yet chic designs.

megane and me is a designer eyewear brand by Sayaka Tsukagoshi. A unique aspect of the brand is its ability to mix casual yet elegant, or modern yet traditional elements in the designs. For those who need glasses and for those who do not; megane and me eyewear are glasses of the new generation.

Participating Stores:
Lamp harajuku

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drama H.P.FRANCE: tatsuo nagahata – Only one jewelry for you – vol.2

May 4 2020

tatsuo nagahata’s one-of-a-kind rings have newly arrived.
The rings feature gemstone cuts that make the most of the colors and textures, and arms that are carefully designed. One and only jewelry designs to resonate with each of our unique individual souls.

Participating Stores:
drama H.P.FRANCE

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Sui Kin Chi Ka Moku Do Ten Mei Kai: HAyU + Yuichi Takemata “Bansankai”

May 3 2020

Mr. Manabu Ogawa of HAyU skillfully and sensitively manipulates wires while grasping true solid forms to create warm wire objects for both children and adults to enjoy, while Mr. Yuichi Takemata is an engraving artist who carefully considers the weight and polished texture of the metal tools he creates, which add a special nuance to our daily lives.

Two people with different styles but who both work with hard materials have joined hands in creating a world themed “Bansankai” or banquet.

Participating Stores:
Sui Kin Chi Ka Moku Do Ten Mei Kai

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Wut: HENRIK VIBSKOV New Arrivals

May 2 2020


To be stuck: unable to change a situation or move from a particular position or location.

Unable to make a choice, being stuck in a traffic jam on a hot highway, feeling stuck in life or being distressed over love.

Being stuck will often force us out of a given situation, or let us know that change is needed. On the contrary, it can force us into making decisions, moving forward, feeling helpless or ruthless, and sometimes humorous or funny.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection was inspired by this humorous, absurd and unavoidable part of life — being stuck, or unable to change a situation.

In a society where there is no time to be stuck, it may at times be beneficial to embrace stagnation. Being stuck can open up to strange and interesting combinations with the help curiosity and playfulness.

This theme is emphasized through silhouettes and prints: a printed sardine trapped in a box, a knitted ship stranded on a bridge, a dancing couple stuck together in a waltz, embroidered lobsters with their claws tied together, or a barbecue stick piercing a stuck sausage.

90% of the collection is made from organic, recycled and biodegradable materials. Production takes place partly in Denmark and mainly within Europe.

Inside the object, performers keep the system going by dancing and infusing air in to maintain the shape of the object.


Danish designer Henrik Vibskov was born in 1972. He launched his first collection after graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2001. Making his Paris debut in 2003, Vibskov is the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of the Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

The designer is also a talented drummer—touring with Danish musician Trentemøller for six years—and known for not only his work in fashion, but art, music, and visuals.

Vibskov is currently a Professor at Design School Kolding in Denmark and has also given lectures at Central Saint Martins and Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Participating Stores:


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