December Bridal Fair ”CHRISTMAS MARRIAGE”


December Bridal Fair ”CHRISTMAS MARRIAGE”

December 4 2019

A bridal fair “CHRISTMAS MARRIAGE” will be held at all stores of H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX from Sunday, December 1 to Tuesday 24. At the fair, we will introduce a ring collection from the British jewelry brand Sweet Pea, depicting the blissful love story of two people.

Wedding rings that the creators have handled with care each holds a universal beauty, and a ring that captures the “moment of happiness” will be a lifetime treasure.

Sunday, December 1, 2019 – Tuesday, December 24, 2019

H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX all stores

Special benefits:
Agate slices that can be used as a ring plate will be given to those who have signed the agreement for the bridal ring during the period. The popular calligrapher Mika Nagishima from “Gland Calligraphy & Design” will engrave your desired text on the slices.
* Please note that the numbers are limited to the first 10 people.

Please make an appointment by calling the nearest H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX store in advance for smooth procedures.

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SERGE THORAVAL Archive Exhibition

December 3 2019

From Friday, November 29 to Tuesday, January 7, Serge Thoraval‘s archive collection exhibition will be held at H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi. We will introduce rare and unique collection pieces centering Serge’s early works such as metal bracelets specially made for fashion magazines and shows, engraved with a personal message. These works have a rough and powerful strength from the early days of Serge Thoraval’s creative activities yet we can sense his delicate personality. Please stop by to see the beautiful in-store display and the window gallery.

Friday, November 29, 2019 – Tuesday, January 7, 2020


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DANIELA DE MARCHI Designer event

November 29 2019

Daniela de Marchi’s Dropage jewelry with its unique metal texture is reminiscent of a beautiful morning dew. The unprecedented combination of the enameled metal and large stones create unique personality and captures the heart of many.

On the 30th of November, the designer Daniela de Marchi will come to Japan from Milan, Italy to hold an order event at H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi store. The event will be a special occasion to customize your favorite jewelry by freely combining your choice of natural stones and metal colors. We will also introduce a high jewelry line that uses diamonds. Please come to be inspired by the designer and to create your own jewelry.

Date&Time: Saturday, November 30, 3pm-5pm
Location: H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX Marunouchi
*Orders are accepted only during the event time.

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November 26 2019

From Wednesday, 27th November, a pop-up store by “rooms” will be held at Daimaru Tokyo. The concept is “LOVE & GIFT 2019” presented by H.P.FRANCE. By focusing on “objects” where the creator ’s message and feelings of empathy dwell, we will bring new encounters to everyone.

CORAL & TUSK / IOSSELLIANI / Jack Gomme / JACQUES LE CORRE / La Soufflerie / Nathelie Lete & ANTIPAST / SERGE THORAVAL / Suikin no bunkogawa etc.

Date&Time: Wednesday, November 27 – Tuesday, December 10 10am-8pm (open until 9pm on weekends and holidays)

Location: Daimaru Tokyo 1st floor event space

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November 22 2019

On Friday, 22nd November, H.P.DECO ART KAN NO ARU KURASHI will open in Shibuya PARCO. The shop is located in SHOTENGAI-EDIT-TOKYO and lines on the 1st floor with globally recognized maisons, and cultural shops selling miscellaneous goods and fresh flowers. Centering around H.P.FRANCE’s “eternal masterpiece” created by creators who we have met around the world, and garments that hold a universal value that go beyond the frames of mode, we will bring the extraordinary into the ordinary, to create a lifestyle full of color in accordance to the change of seasons.

1F, Shibuya Parco, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81(0)3-5422-3983

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drama H.P.FRANCE Nihombashi grand open!

drama H.P.FRANCE, a select shop that handles beautiful and delicate jewelry made by Japanese creators, will newly open on 22nd November in Nihonbashi Takashimaya. Jewelry are meant to be delivered to each customer one by one. By redefining the word “handmade” which has become a common term to use in modern times, drama H.P.FRANCE will suggest jewelry that nestle close to people that have been forgotten in our memories. A gallery space will be set up in the store, and art, miscellaneous goods and installations will be held.

Brands: hirondelle et pépin, tatsuo nagahata, MONAKA jewellry, CAFCA, GICLAT, StudioSOIL

Gallery space:
Friday, November 22 – Sunday, December 8: shingo matsushita EXHIBITION @shingo.matsushita
Monday, December 9 to Wednesday, 25: you are welcome / art selection
Thursday, January 2 – Wednesday, 15: new year exhibition DARUMA / KIRIKO @omnes_tokyo

drama H.P.FRANCE Nihombashi
1F, Main building, 2-4-1 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. 103-8265
Tel: +81(0)3-3211-4111

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GIDDY UP Debut Event

July 25 2019

Trending Shoe Brand GIDDY UP Debuts

GIDDY UP launched through in 2017. The name derived from the term used to make a horse start moving or go faster.
The concept of the brand, which designs shoes using 3D printers, is to create a new form of communication between the earth and people through shoes.

By pursuing lighter weight rather than focusing on gravity, the highly transparent sole gives the body a floating feeling and a pleasant change in the way we feel gravity. Redesigning the sole―a persons contact point with the earth―and making a difference in human values ​​and views of life is the ultimate reason of design.

The brand was announced at the Paris Fashion Week in 2018. Designer and director Mikio Sakabe and designer Yusuke Hotchi make use of new technologies to challenge themselves and create fashionable pieces.

GIDDY UP Launch Party
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 7-9pm
Venue: destination Tokyo

Sold exclusively through stores.

Please contact the store for more product information.
destination Tokyo
Follow us: @destinationTokyo

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Naoki Onogawa’s Solo Exhibition “square” from July 19, 2019

July 17 2019


Naoki Onogawa’s Solo Exhibition “square”
Friday, July 19 – Saturday, August 31

Opening Reception
Friday, July 19 7-9pm

Onogawa’s work features several small light-colored pieces overlapping in a square frame, forming the shape of bonsai leaves.
The artist folds paper cranes, known as a symbol of prayer, using 1cm square sheets of paper. With exceptional skills and ideas, the pieces are brought to life in the form of art work.

< Contact >
TEL: 03-3240-5791

Store Location
1F, Marunouchi Bldg. 2-4-1Marunouchi , Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-6301

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70% INDIA! 2019

July 12 2019

“70% INDIA!” is a festival event that celebrates the India from the deep traditional side to the next generation/modern international Indian culture. The event will take place within 11 stores in the ‘Aosando’ area that connects Aoyama-dori and Omotesando in Tokyo. We hope you invite your friends and join us for this two-day to experience […]

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June 30 2019

As a personalized item for yourself,
or a symbol of love for someone special…

Using the traditional signet ring once engraved with a family crest as a design source, the #MYFRIENDSRING was created in a unisex form with 16 black diamonds in the initial and sharp line carved on the base.
After orders are received, each piece is carefully made by hand in an atelier in Italy. In addition to the popular personalized initial rings, necklaces will be available within the new #MYFRIENDSRING lineup. We hope you find the perfect #MYFRIENDSRING as your own amulet or gift for a loved one.

Orders will be received at participating stores during the following dates. Any letter from A to Z can be chosen. Delivery is scheduled for early November.

Participating stores:
July 1-21 goldieH.P.FRANCE (Shinjuku, Sapporo, Nagoya), TheatreH.P.FRANCE Roppongi
July 1-August 21 destination Tokyo
July 24-August 12 H.P.FRANCEBIJOUX (Shinjuku, Omotesando, Marunouchi, Umeda), TheatreH.P.FRANCE Ginza
August 1-12 Online store

*For more product information, please contact participating stores.

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